Random Shit……

28 Feb

Going through old notes I’ve collected for my many business ideas and ventures, I ran across this one particular ‘ditty’ that I felt the need to share. Now, I cannot take credit for composing these tid bits for life. I believe they were taken from one of the many magazines I read. I wrote them instead of tearing the page out so they would kinda stick in my mental for future reference. Anywho, here goes, I hope you enjoy:

10 Steps to Redemption

1. Take responsibility for your own actions!

(Denial will be your downfall.)

2. Surrender control and ask for help.

3. Cultivate a ‘personal board of directors’ made up of those who will have your back.

4. Speak out before you hide out! the time will come to lay low, but doing so before you state the facts will look like a cover-up.

5. APOLOGIZE.  There is no comeback without contribution.

6. Take a break from daily pressures.

7. Deal with shame and guilt. We got to unburden ourselves if we hope to move forward.

8. FORGIVE YOURSELF. (Your higher power already has!!)

9. Reset your values.

10. FAIL FORWARD!!!!!!


I hope these inspired you as they have me!



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