Adult Curfews…..Home before the birds start chirping

2 Jun

Those of you who have kids or was once a kid, should be very familiar with the street light term! As I got older, and had kids of my own, I found it a very appropriate time to have your ass in the house. I mean, to me, when the lights come on, that signifies the grown up party time!
Now, the purpose of my writing this post is to get feedback on a certain scenario. (Names will not be mentioned to protect the innocent and the guilty!) When you agree to be in a committed, monogamous relationship, should there be a certain time established to bring your ass home after hanging out? I honestly don’t feel there is a need to do sucha thing when you make the choice to enter into a union. Once the one becomes a two, or three or four (if kids are involved) the things you did as a single person should cease to exist. I obligated myself willingly, to our togetherness, so why would I continue to do single people shit? With respect to your mate, this should not be a topic of discussion or an argument for that matter. Unless you are in a profession that calls for you to be away from home for an unusual amount of time, there is no party crunk enough, no liquor drunk enough,that you should put yourself in a situation where you return home a full 24 hours later, with no phone calls made, or text messages sent. Single people go out, and not call home, or ‘check in’ as some may put it. Why? Because there is no one to check in with! My opinion is just that, my opinion. No respectful person, in a respectful relationship, does this kind of shit. I mean don’t get me wrong, there are certain circumstances that may not allow you to call home, such as death, or incarceration! There are not too many excuses that are acceptable in this predicament. ‘My phone died’,- you mean to tell me there was NO ONE on God’s green earth that would let you use their phone? Not acceptable!! There is a level of respect that is due the moment you enter into ‘relationship status’, one that should not have to be discussed, or agreed upon. What’s your say? Have you or your boo stayed out all night, hanging with your ‘folks’ and didn’t hit the door until daylight?? Let’s dish!!! I wanna read your mind!!!


No Shade Intended……… Maybe!

7 May

I just had an epiphany that some of the things I have or may speak upon may be a tad bit offensive to certain people. With that being said, I’m not really sure if that fuck is supposed to be given. I think that a blog is just a place for a person to air their thoughts, rants and opinions about whatever the hell they feel like speaking on. Whether it be up for discussion or what have you. This urge I have to be messy today is over powering any couth I may possess! Man listen!! LOL!

Anyhow, I need to warn people that are close to me, that may involuntarily become a topic on this here blog of mine. I will never list names, ( I do have a little bit of decency you know!).  I won’t air all the dirty laundry. Just things that I feel make for good convo! (Stay tuned for my next blog!)  Most of the time when people take offense to certain things that are stated, it is because they themselves are guilty of whatever vapid fuckshit I’m ranting about!! I just want you to know, YOU ARE NOT EXEMPT!!!!!


So………. moving right along,


Enjoy y’alls day and don’t get caught doing anything I wouldn’t do!!

Most of them anyway!!


What the hell just happened??!!

6 May

I just finished pouring out my heart in a previous blog post, only to have it disappear right before my eyes! Ok, so the basis of said ghostly blog post was :FORGIVENESS. How do you go about forgiving a person who has hurt you, disrespected you, or just plain ol’ pissed you off? I find it so hard to forgive people without holding on to some type of grudge. I think the more serious the offense, the severe the punishment. With that being said, I may never forgive you for something you may have done to me. I kind of feel like when you forgive certain people of their fuck ups that gives them the go ahead to do it again, knowing that you will find a way to get over it. That’s unfair in so many ways. I can understand if the offense was carried out unintentionally, but if I forgave you once for the same shit, why would you do it again?! I mean seriously!!! At some point I am going to put it in my mind that you obviously have fucked my feelings to hell and could give less than two fucks about reactionary occurrences. Don’t look at me confused and cockeyed when I don’t even acknowledge your existence. What about if this person is considered to be your ‘significant other’?

What are your views and things of that nature when it comes to forgiving someone? Are they different depending upon their status in your life? Or are you just going around cutting off everyone who wrongs you?

My new swag shit!!

4 May

I have always been asphyxiated with the turban look, but in my younger years was afraid to pull it off. I think I tried it twice. (buying those little bullshit taxi cab driver ones from the beauty supply for a dollar) That phase didn’t last long only because it was a more hip hop-ish era (think Biggie and Puff with those damn Versace shirts!), and I didn’t want people to think I was the ‘afrocentric’ type, not that there’s anything wrong with that. I definitely didn’t need them expecting me to drop some damn knowledge and all I got to talk about was the new No Limit cd I just bought!! Anyhow, I’m finding that it takes a certain kind of person to rock these shits, and I have discovered that I am one of those people hunny!!! I youtubed a few vids on how to tie them and I must admit, not only was it crazy easy, but I looked cute!! A little lipgloss and I’m good! Its a good look with jeans, a vest and a plain white tee, or those long flowing maxi-dresses. Don’t jock my fresh yall!!

Can You Keep a Secret????

4 May

Under what feasible circumstance would you keep a relationship, (intimate or friendly) a secret? Honestly, I wouldn’t. Let’s say you’ve been lusting after a certain someone, and after dropping every kind of hint (outside of your drawls). They finally acknowledge your advances. Okay, so y’all get to kickin it and feeling each other. When during a text session or conversation, they in so many words say that your relationship is to remain strictly between the two you. That is when I end it. I’m sorry. If I’m feeling you and you feeling me, why we can’t tell nobody??!! I wanna walk and hold hands, make people sick from our grossly sexual PDAs! Why we always gotta go out at night time? Or not at all, we always meeting at a damn short stay hotel for a few hours of sweaty sex and then we part ways? And you mean to tell me I can’t meet yo’ mama ‘nem?!! OH HELLZ NO! Absolutely not sir!

“You know we can’t tell nobody, aiight boo?”

Either, this person has someone, or wants to keep their options open. Either way,I feel like it’s a dead end situation that you should definitely get out of. There’s the office situation, where the secret is understandable because of the office fraternization shit ( i couldn’t fuck someone I worked with anyway), but outside of this, what would you do? What would make you agree to be someone’s secret sex partner. if the relationship is strictly on a friendship level, what would make you maintain a friendship that is forbidden or frowned upon by others, so much so that you really don’t want people to know you interact with them? I’m telling!!! If I have to keep you a secret, then take your ass somewhere and hide! If we together, the WHOLE FUCKING WORLD will know! Buhleedat!!!!

Are you currently somebody’s secret? Are you involved in a mutually agreed discreet affair?

Why or why not? What’s your opinion??


Fat Rant!!

1 May

Super Sexy

I was almost brought to tears watching Tati’s (a.k.a. Marfmellow) video post on youtube. ‘Confessions Of a Fat Lady’ is what she calls it. In the vid, she talks about being a plus size woman and how random ass, nobody ass people find it easy to just say whatever it is they want ABOUT you, TO you. I live that life. Being that I am almost 6 feet tall, not only am I plus sized but taller than most people I know! Even though I have learned to semi ignore the fuckshitness that folk spew out of their mouth, so unknowingly, uncaringly, (and any other adjective I can think of with -ingly on the end) TBQH it still hits a soft spot. I am in no way shape, or form “skinny”. Never have been and pretty much can live the rest of my life with out being such! She speaks of being out with her boyfriend and worrying about whether or not she’d fit in a chair at a restaurant. I love her because she embraces her body. Something that a lot of bigger women struggle with daily. Most women on my mom’s side are fluffy women and my dad’s side is more thin. Throughout my teenage years, my weight fluctuated, but no matter what my low was I was always bigger than my cousins, and my aunts as well. I have an aunt who, no mattter the length of time it is between us seeing each other, she always has a comment about my size. “NeNe, it look like you losing weight.” “Nene, you so big and pretty. (or pretty and big), “My big ol’ pretty niece.”  Is it that hard to just give a compliment without stating a contrary? Especially one that is made to seem like it’s the worst thing on damn earth to be. How do you accept that? Do you say “Thank you, but you could’ve kept that shit.’? (Then you become a evil, fat bitch! lol) It seems as if along with being small in size, some people are a tad miniature in the brain department as well. The ignorance of people never ceases to amaze me. I have a ‘friend’ who often says ‘ She dress nice to be a big girl.’ or “Blah blah blah, to be a big girl.” What the fuck?!  Is it an abnormality to be bigger than a size fucking zero? Is there some secret planet that we should have to go to, to find nice, stylish clothes in our sizes? Should we just say fuck life and stay in the house hiding behind the damn refrigerator, just to escape the dumb shit of others. In my own actual factual study, I have the BEST time out when I’m with my thick’ums!! We let loose hunny!! I may have probably lost focus on what I saying to begin with, but my over all point is ‘Who the hell asked you?!”

If people gave a little more consideration into what another person may be going through, this would prevent a lot of people from being smacked the fuck up and beat the hell down! Being fat does not exempt a person from having feelings. Being fat does not exclude us from the HUMAN race. Being fat does not make me less of a person than a ‘skinty’ person. (ironic right?) One of my closest friends was a ‘super’ plus size person (as some stores say). She was bigger than most of our friends, myself included. People didn’t want to hang out with her because of her size, people would laugh and make the rudest, most ignorant ass comments about her. Often, I’d wonder if she heard it or not, but shit, if I heard it she did as well. She never let them see her break. Hell, I never saw her break. But just because she wore this mask in everyday life, to deal with the world, who says she didn’t break in the comfort of her own home? Did you ever think that the ridicule plus sized people face, causes them to eat more? Depression does that you know. Anyhow, my friend passed last year. (and No, not from being overweight) And I am almost on the verge of tears thinking about how free she must feel. Not being judged, or involuntary assessed by complete strangers, and family as well. It’s a damn shame that a person can have thoughts of dying to get away from the shun that’s put upon being fat. (and I say FAT because it is what it is baby! Thick, big boned, whatever!)

And one more thing before I go. Stop thinking that all fat people will die from being fucking fat!! There are healthy plus sized people. People who do work out, eat healthy and the likes, just for the sake of working out and eating healthy to be healthy. A diet does not always have to be for weight loss. And all fat people do not NEED to lose weight. If they’re comfortable in their skin, why can’t you be comfortable with their skin?

And stop looking all sideways and half past crazy when you see us out ordering food, or fucking eating. We gotta eat too!

Hello world!

26 Apr

Ok, so, i sat for like a buhzillion damn minutes trying to figure out what my first post should be about. Needless to say I couldn’t think of shit! I hate that! When you don’t need the ideas, they flow like fuckn water but actually NEED to say something and you draw a blank. I guess WordPress did it for me, so I’ll just say Hello World! for now! I hope to high hell that you all enjoy my blog, my thoughts and what have you. I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time and I finally threw all fucks to the wind and did it. Now my next challenge is to actually stay consistent with it! This should be a fun-filled journey as well as an informative one. I have a lot of ideas for topics and stuff!! Follow my blog. What else is there to do??!!