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Raise up your child……..

16 Feb

I am 100% sure that there is a quote that begins in this way, but for the life of me, I can’t recall exactly how it goes. (and no, I do not feel like googling shit right now!) ImageBut anyhow, by me being a mother of three, I experience things daily that blow my fucking socks off. From my son coming home singing about how he just popped and molly and he sweating, whooo…….  to me being a nosy assed mom and reading his facebook messages with a girl about sucking dick. Yes, SUCKING DICK!!!!!  In these messages, he asked this particular girl if she sucks dick and why does everyone in school say she does. (Mind you, my son is 10 yrs old, in the 5th grade). SUCKING DICK THO?  So, this heffa goes on to say that yes she does do it, however she has only indulged once. AT 10 FUCKING YEARS OLD?!!!!! As you can tell I am still outdone. I have not yet mentioned my finding to my son because I just don’t know what to say? Don’t get me wrong, I do not, by any means want to come off as some naive ass mother, but jeez! At ten years old, you could easily catch me singing, You can’t touch this!!! What happened to the innocence of being a child?  I know that it is impossible to shield your child from every thing you deem unacceptable, but come on, we must do better. What is stuck in my mind is this girl. What in your life made you want to suck some little boys sour ass peen??? Where did you learn this?? I mean did you just put it in your mouth for a minute, or did you suck him ’til he squirted his little 5th grade juices in your mouth??? Do yo’ mama know?? I am plagued with so many questions!!!!!

Ok, wait, back to the messages, because it gets better. Since she has admitted to going around ‘fellay-shing'(see Superbad for pronunciation) people, my son wants to know when he can get his chance at seeing what that mouth do!! Listen. I. ABSOLUTELY. CANNOT. DEAL. My sister was not at all surprised after I told her. I on the other hand, may need therapy after this!! What do I say to my boy? How do I make him understand the severity of sex and it’s outcomes? At 10 years old?

What sparked me to write this blog post is the reality of the future of our world and our beautiful children living in it. I am scared! No, more like terrified. If you are sucking peen at 10, you’ll most definitely be pregnant at 12. Which makes me a grandparent at the ripe ass age of 35. WTF????!!

Image In other words……….Image

Seriously though, just like my Auntie Whitney said, “The children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way.”  At this point we are headed to some type of molly popping, dick sucking orgy!! We have got to do better ladies and gentlemen. Whether we know it or not, our children pay very close attention to the things we say and do. I have always told my fiance to be mindful of the things you say and do when in the presence of our babies. They are so very easily impressionable at this stage in life and they look to us for guidance. I do believe that with proper influence, a child can ignore the fuckery going on in the world today and become a responsible individual capable of making the right decisions in life, but it takes lots of time and commitment to your child. No one said being a parent was a cake walk, but it doesn’t have to be hell either. I believe it to be pretty simple when you practice what you preach. Children are much more perceptive of what’s going on around them, (especially in daily life) than we realize, or are willing to accept. If you running around here acting like a plum,dumb, fool, what else can you expect but to have little dumb plums running behind your ass???!!! I make this plea to every parent and possible parent, (myself included) INVEST MORE TIME IN YOUR KIDS!!! The club will be there, so will that man/woman, your so-called friends, and any other thing you deem as as a necessity to your social life. The sacrifices we make as parents is just small beans compared to raising successful, respectful, and respectable adults. They are your footprints on this earth after you are long gone, what will your childs steps say about you???

What a child doesn’t receive, he can seldom later give. – P.D. James

Your children will see what you’re all about by what you live, rather than what you say. -Unknown

It’s not only children who grow. Parents do too. As much as we watch to see what our children do with their lives, they are watching to see what we do with ours. -Joyce Maynard


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