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Remedial Shit…….

7 Nov

Is there a fucking LD class for teaching muthafuckas how to treat you?!!! I’m so far beyond confused. I know you all have hard the saying you teach people how to treat you. Yeah. I’m starting to think that shit is some straight bullshit. Only because I know that I am far from being a.fucked up individual, yet I have still encountered people with nothing but their fuck ass shit to offer. I always put the feelings of whoever may be effected (negative/positive) into perspective. I, on the other hand don’t get that back. Yeah. Yeah. What goes around comes around……. Well that bitch karma must be on vacay when it’s time for me to get my just due!!! Seriously, when your time of need, distress or man down situation occurs, bitches forget when they w.ere sitting on bricks. I make it a point to keep my favors to a minimum. Because for 1, I know me, and just so happens you need me on a day when I just don’t feel like being the fuck bothered…… As bad as i would hate to tell you no, I will. Period. My tolerance for people is at an all time low right now. Detroit is bankrupt, and so is my give a fuck department. I just don’t have it! Don’t get mad, or start feeling some type of way behind it, it’s probably your damn fault! LMAO.. No, seriously though, I just get tired of people that can’t accept the fucks or lackthereof being reciprocated. I mean come now, did you really think I was here for that shit??
You: So you just not gon’ even get tested to see if you’re a match for this nose transplant i need to have??

Me: Fuck no, ‘member that time when i needed some sugar and you was all like no. ? Fuck you and your nose.

People don’t realize that at some point you will always need someone else, for something whether you intend to or not. So what’s the harm in being accessible when it’s not inconveniencing you in any way? Maybe i shouldn’t say accessible, but shit, if you a needy ass muthafucka then treat everybody else like they needy ass muthafuckas too! Fair exchange has never been robbery. The smallest token of appreciation for what someone has done for may be enough. Not even saying you have to go out of your
way to express gratitude, but damn! Can a bitch get at least a hug uh sumtin?!!