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ImPress Press-on Manicure

17 Dec

I recently received my College VoxBox from Influenster. Included in the box was the imPress Press-on Manicure kit. I absolutely adored them! I was feeling like I would never be selected to get one,imagine my surprise when I got my email sayin I was chosen!! The manicure kit worked


awesomely. The nails were easy to apply. I read in other reviews that finding fits was a problem. I think its just part of the process. I mean instead of complaining about the fit, I’m glad there was a variety of sizes to choose from! They lasted approximately six days before I decided to take them off. I’m sure I had at least 3-4 more days left. They lasted through dish washing, bathsand showers. (Mine and my daughters!) I would definitely recommend this product to friends as well as strangers! I would suggest using alcohol to thoroughly cleanse the nail bed for better adhesion though. I still have some left over, waiting for a perfect opportunity for a night out!!!