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If real recognize real, WHO THE FUCK IS YOU???!

29 May

I have never been one to put on for the sake of fitting in, or entertaining the next bitch. I have never understood the extremities people go through for the sake of being accepted. I have yet to find a person that important, that I must change who I am, or what I believe in, to gain acceptance. As Mary J plainly put it, ‘Take me as I am, or have nothing at all.’ What kind of person would want that anyway? Who wants to be around someone who feels they have to fake their feelings to not go against the grain? I hate fake ass people. I DO NOT entertain fake ass people. If shit is absolutely NOT what you proclaim it to be, I have no problem calling you out on your shit. What’s with the pump faking?! People will risk shit they deem so important to them to gain the approval of obsolete ass people. The killer is, most muhfuckas endorse this fuck ass behavior. SMH…….. Why would I want to be around you if I can’t be me? Why would I want YOU around me if the me that is me is unacceptable to you? The standards people set for themselves and those around them have become so minuscule it’s fuckin unbelievable. You telling me, in order for us to maintain this ‘friendship ‘ I got to be who YOU want or expect me to be?? (Which in most cases requires dumbing down.) FUCKS NO!!!!! Get cho’ ass from ’round me. For the most part, I don’t have these types of people in my life. For that, I am beyond thankful. Everyone around me encourages me as the person they know me to be, and I can’t see them expecting anything different. If they did I couldn’t keep them in my circle because I’m not in the business of letting people down. I give the people what they want. All Mo’, all ME, ALL THE DAMN TIME!! THOSE that couldn’t/can’t accept it are nonfuckingfactors anyhow. This probably gives reason to why I don’t have very many friends and I’m beyond cool with that. You were not my friend from jump if you expected me to conform in ANY type of way. Sorry. I see this type of immature, insecure ass bullshit all too often. Instead of becoming the norm, why not set the standard?? What lowered your self worth that you became insufficient to you? I say insufficient, because if you were all that you needed to be for you, you wouldn’t feel the need to become what others are or expect you to be. God blessed us with the gift of being individual, why not embrace that blessing and be who God intended for you to be? You end up fucked in the end anyway. Look around you and carefully take note of the people you choose to have in your life. What exactly are they doing that complements you? What do they provide mentally,  emotionally, and sometimes physically that let’s you know it’s okay for you to be you?  NOTHING? Oh, okay, so why are they still around you? Or why are you still around them?? I’m not even sure where this post came from, because this in no way describes my mood at this moment. I just felt the need to express this, because I had a random thought of the distaste I have in my mouth for artificial, superficial, clown work ass people. Enjoy your day and don’t forget to take inventory of the people you choose to share your life with.