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There’s No Place Like Home……………or so I thought!!

20 Feb

I have always been really big on my quality time. Whether it’s quality time with friends, family, or just me time. My home is my sanctuary. My escape from the outside bullshit this world has to offer. My home is where I am free from intrusion. My own personal space. My safe haven. Anybody who really knows me knows this about me! I really have no desire for company. (No, let me say uninvited company.) If I wanted to be bothered, I’d call you, we’d hang out, and after said hanging we shake hands, hug or what have you; and retreat back to our respective home fronts! I detest ‘droppers-by’. I have no problem leaving a mofo standing outside knocking! You should have called before you came. Plain and simple. I DO NOT allow people to invade my personal space. EVER!!! There are people who have passes, (such as my mommy and daddy, oh and my sister, who I affectionately call “Lidduh Daddeh” for future reference). Just because you are out and thought of me, was in the area, or had to pee, is not reason enough to come imposing on my life without warning. I mean, if you just randomly stop by folk house because you have to pee, WTF makes you think I want your random toilet sitting ass utilizing my toilet? The same toilet that my littles rest their bums for relief!!!

Image I am not a very hospitable person when I feel I have been infiltrated!! I could have been having family time with Pooh and the “Littles”, (because yes, I do have a family), I could have been relating with Pooh (or myself for that matter), I could have been doing homework, studying or just recreational reading (because yes, a bitch is smart), or I could have plain ol’ didn’t feel like being fucking bothered and here your in the area, might have to pee, just dropping by ass, come knocking on my door! Now I gotta move folded clothes from last week so your ass can sit down! LMAO! It’s a COURTESY CALL! I know that shit wasn’t burried with the ‘N’ word, or was it?? They call it ‘common’ courtesy, but exactly how common is it?? I never, ever, EVER, pop up at somebody’s house talmbout “Whatchu cook?”. I do not make phone calls at unreasonable hours to friends or family whom I’m well aware have jobs or families to tend to. I am a firm believer in “Do unto others”. If I roamed aimlessly around these Detroit streets doing random house calls, I wouldn’t find fault in this inconsiderate ass behavior. But, since I don’t indulge in this particular kind of fuckery, I do not expect for unannounced fucks to knock at my door!


I mean don’t get me wrong, there are instances of exception in times of emergency, like near death experiences, DEATH, and even car trouble may get you in to place a AAA call which afterwards you go sit in your vehicle until the tow truck arrives! I realize that I may sound a tad bit mean, but this is my comfort zone. The worst thing you can do is interrupt my leisure! I know I can’t possibly be the only one who feels like this. With the technology of the world today, and the handing out of the “Obama” phones at every local gas station, there is no reason for someone not calling before they dot your door step. What do you say? How do you deal with people showing up at your door unannounced? Do you let them in or leave them standing? I need feed back! If I am exuding a behavior unbeknownst to the human population, I need to know. Not that it will change anything, but I don’t want to be rude!! lol