Random Shit……

28 Feb

Going through old notes I’ve collected for my many business ideas and ventures, I ran across this one particular ‘ditty’ that I felt the need to share. Now, I cannot take credit for composing these tid bits for life. I believe they were taken from one of the many magazines I read. I wrote them instead of tearing the page out so they would kinda stick in my mental for future reference. Anywho, here goes, I hope you enjoy:

10 Steps to Redemption

1. Take responsibility for your own actions!

(Denial will be your downfall.)

2. Surrender control and ask for help.

3. Cultivate a ‘personal board of directors’ made up of those who will have your back.

4. Speak out before you hide out! the time will come to lay low, but doing so before you state the facts will look like a cover-up.

5. APOLOGIZE.  There is no comeback without contribution.

6. Take a break from daily pressures.

7. Deal with shame and guilt. We got to unburden ourselves if we hope to move forward.

8. FORGIVE YOURSELF. (Your higher power already has!!)

9. Reset your values.

10. FAIL FORWARD!!!!!!


I hope these inspired you as they have me!



Remedial Shit…….

7 Nov

Is there a fucking LD class for teaching muthafuckas how to treat you?!!! I’m so far beyond confused. I know you all have hard the saying you teach people how to treat you. Yeah. I’m starting to think that shit is some straight bullshit. Only because I know that I am far from being a.fucked up individual, yet I have still encountered people with nothing but their fuck ass shit to offer. I always put the feelings of whoever may be effected (negative/positive) into perspective. I, on the other hand don’t get that back. Yeah. Yeah. What goes around comes around……. Well that bitch karma must be on vacay when it’s time for me to get my just due!!! Seriously, when your time of need, distress or man down situation occurs, bitches forget when they w.ere sitting on bricks. I make it a point to keep my favors to a minimum. Because for 1, I know me, and just so happens you need me on a day when I just don’t feel like being the fuck bothered…… As bad as i would hate to tell you no, I will. Period. My tolerance for people is at an all time low right now. Detroit is bankrupt, and so is my give a fuck department. I just don’t have it! Don’t get mad, or start feeling some type of way behind it, it’s probably your damn fault! LMAO.. No, seriously though, I just get tired of people that can’t accept the fucks or lackthereof being reciprocated. I mean come now, did you really think I was here for that shit??
You: So you just not gon’ even get tested to see if you’re a match for this nose transplant i need to have??

Me: Fuck no, ‘member that time when i needed some sugar and you was all like no. ? Fuck you and your nose.

People don’t realize that at some point you will always need someone else, for something whether you intend to or not. So what’s the harm in being accessible when it’s not inconveniencing you in any way? Maybe i shouldn’t say accessible, but shit, if you a needy ass muthafucka then treat everybody else like they needy ass muthafuckas too! Fair exchange has never been robbery. The smallest token of appreciation for what someone has done for may be enough. Not even saying you have to go out of your
way to express gratitude, but damn! Can a bitch get at least a hug uh sumtin?!!

Who said it would be easy??

28 Jun

I should have learned from watching other people, that maintaining a healthy relationship is definitely not the easiest thing in the world. Learning how to become two when you’re so used to being “you” is not a fucking cake walk. Im assuming that going into the partnership, you kind of already learned a persons makeup and have agreed to accept all that comes along with them right? Otherwise why commit to it? Part of the reason you fall in love with someone is because you are intrigued with the mystery of it all. The differences, the challenges they present, the excitement and opposing attraction provided by human nature. (opposites attract right?)I am realizing that although we say we accept a persons faults, defaults and shortcomings, some part of us still remain out for self. I am struggling to grasp the fact that things i need in order to be happy are not necessarily what my partner needs to be happy. (Where they do that shit at?) The mandatory compromise and sacrifice demanded by a relationship can prove to be a trying obstacle to overcome. Somewhere in the midst of you seeking your own happiness, the happiness of your partner may or may not become subject to neglect and/or disregard. What do you do in instances like this? This is where the work comes in to play. Because by no means do you ever want to see your potential life mate unhappy because of you. And you damn sure dont want to be the one on the sad end of the stick due to your partner seeking their own happiness. I ask how do you reach a happy median? One that is pleasing and accommodating to all parties involved? You know, that place where EVERYONE is smiling and okay with the state of the relationship. Is that even possible? I think the world would be a pretty boring place if everybody did the same shit. It seems as if there will always be one thing or another that displeases you, but brings your partner the utmost joy. Do you do away with the realtionship as a whole or just continue to do what pleases you even if it upsets your mate to no end? What would be the breaking point where you just get tired of looking at this sad sack of potatoes everytime you come in the damn house? Do you expect the person to just conform and accept whatever for the sake of you being happy? I mean shit, your love should WANT to see you happy right? But should they have to offer their happiness in exchange for yours? That’s a tad bit selfish don’t you think? The state of confusion i am in right now is what led to this post. I got lost in myown selfishness at some point in my relationship where i caught myself thinking, “What the fuck is wrong with him, all I’m asking him to do is ……….blazaysplee.” Never once thinking that the thing i deem so minuscule could be like moving a mountain. I always say i am not trying to change him, but i think i am. Does expecting him to automatically alter certain things count? I dont think so. And correct me if i am wrong, but i feel that once you enter into a relationship, your are contractually obligated to change. Just for the simple fact that you are no longer the single you you used to be. Period.If you wanted to keep acting single, you should have stayed your ass the fuck single. What if it wasnt you, but your partner who was behaving like a onesie? How happy would you damn be? This love shit is some crazy shit! The fact of the matter is this, its damn near impossible to be 100% happy in a real-lationship, and thats fine, the hard part is actually accepting it. I guess in the end, if the relationship is worth having, its worth a little sacrificing of emotions (equally) to be able to live with the one you cant live without. By NO means am i saying become a damn doormat (fuck dat shit!), but a little compromise couldnt hurt. You know? Its cool if you dont, because im not sure if i know for real. But i do know what it feels like to be unhappy without the one you love and I’ve learned how it feels to be unhappy with the one you love as well. I think I’d take the latter. To a certain extent no doubt. Basically what im saying is, in the words of Betty Wright, “Anything worth having at all, worth working for and waiting for.” No pain, no muthafuckin gain. #ThatIsAll

If real recognize real, WHO THE FUCK IS YOU???!

29 May

I have never been one to put on for the sake of fitting in, or entertaining the next bitch. I have never understood the extremities people go through for the sake of being accepted. I have yet to find a person that important, that I must change who I am, or what I believe in, to gain acceptance. As Mary J plainly put it, ‘Take me as I am, or have nothing at all.’ What kind of person would want that anyway? Who wants to be around someone who feels they have to fake their feelings to not go against the grain? I hate fake ass people. I DO NOT entertain fake ass people. If shit is absolutely NOT what you proclaim it to be, I have no problem calling you out on your shit. What’s with the pump faking?! People will risk shit they deem so important to them to gain the approval of obsolete ass people. The killer is, most muhfuckas endorse this fuck ass behavior. SMH…….. Why would I want to be around you if I can’t be me? Why would I want YOU around me if the me that is me is unacceptable to you? The standards people set for themselves and those around them have become so minuscule it’s fuckin unbelievable. You telling me, in order for us to maintain this ‘friendship ‘ I got to be who YOU want or expect me to be?? (Which in most cases requires dumbing down.) FUCKS NO!!!!! Get cho’ ass from ’round me. For the most part, I don’t have these types of people in my life. For that, I am beyond thankful. Everyone around me encourages me as the person they know me to be, and I can’t see them expecting anything different. If they did I couldn’t keep them in my circle because I’m not in the business of letting people down. I give the people what they want. All Mo’, all ME, ALL THE DAMN TIME!! THOSE that couldn’t/can’t accept it are nonfuckingfactors anyhow. This probably gives reason to why I don’t have very many friends and I’m beyond cool with that. You were not my friend from jump if you expected me to conform in ANY type of way. Sorry. I see this type of immature, insecure ass bullshit all too often. Instead of becoming the norm, why not set the standard?? What lowered your self worth that you became insufficient to you? I say insufficient, because if you were all that you needed to be for you, you wouldn’t feel the need to become what others are or expect you to be. God blessed us with the gift of being individual, why not embrace that blessing and be who God intended for you to be? You end up fucked in the end anyway. Look around you and carefully take note of the people you choose to have in your life. What exactly are they doing that complements you? What do they provide mentally,  emotionally, and sometimes physically that let’s you know it’s okay for you to be you?  NOTHING? Oh, okay, so why are they still around you? Or why are you still around them?? I’m not even sure where this post came from, because this in no way describes my mood at this moment. I just felt the need to express this, because I had a random thought of the distaste I have in my mouth for artificial, superficial, clown work ass people. Enjoy your day and don’t forget to take inventory of the people you choose to share your life with.

There’s No Place Like Home……………or so I thought!!

20 Feb

I have always been really big on my quality time. Whether it’s quality time with friends, family, or just me time. My home is my sanctuary. My escape from the outside bullshit this world has to offer. My home is where I am free from intrusion. My own personal space. My safe haven. Anybody who really knows me knows this about me! I really have no desire for company. (No, let me say uninvited company.) If I wanted to be bothered, I’d call you, we’d hang out, and after said hanging we shake hands, hug or what have you; and retreat back to our respective home fronts! I detest ‘droppers-by’. I have no problem leaving a mofo standing outside knocking! You should have called before you came. Plain and simple. I DO NOT allow people to invade my personal space. EVER!!! There are people who have passes, (such as my mommy and daddy, oh and my sister, who I affectionately call “Lidduh Daddeh” for future reference). Just because you are out and thought of me, was in the area, or had to pee, is not reason enough to come imposing on my life without warning. I mean, if you just randomly stop by folk house because you have to pee, WTF makes you think I want your random toilet sitting ass utilizing my toilet? The same toilet that my littles rest their bums for relief!!!

Image I am not a very hospitable person when I feel I have been infiltrated!! I could have been having family time with Pooh and the “Littles”, (because yes, I do have a family), I could have been relating with Pooh (or myself for that matter), I could have been doing homework, studying or just recreational reading (because yes, a bitch is smart), or I could have plain ol’ didn’t feel like being fucking bothered and here your in the area, might have to pee, just dropping by ass, come knocking on my door! Now I gotta move folded clothes from last week so your ass can sit down! LMAO! It’s a COURTESY CALL! I know that shit wasn’t burried with the ‘N’ word, or was it?? They call it ‘common’ courtesy, but exactly how common is it?? I never, ever, EVER, pop up at somebody’s house talmbout “Whatchu cook?”. I do not make phone calls at unreasonable hours to friends or family whom I’m well aware have jobs or families to tend to. I am a firm believer in “Do unto others”. If I roamed aimlessly around these Detroit streets doing random house calls, I wouldn’t find fault in this inconsiderate ass behavior. But, since I don’t indulge in this particular kind of fuckery, I do not expect for unannounced fucks to knock at my door!


I mean don’t get me wrong, there are instances of exception in times of emergency, like near death experiences, DEATH, and even car trouble may get you in to place a AAA call which afterwards you go sit in your vehicle until the tow truck arrives! I realize that I may sound a tad bit mean, but this is my comfort zone. The worst thing you can do is interrupt my leisure! I know I can’t possibly be the only one who feels like this. With the technology of the world today, and the handing out of the “Obama” phones at every local gas station, there is no reason for someone not calling before they dot your door step. What do you say? How do you deal with people showing up at your door unannounced? Do you let them in or leave them standing? I need feed back! If I am exuding a behavior unbeknownst to the human population, I need to know. Not that it will change anything, but I don’t want to be rude!! lol


Raise up your child……..

16 Feb

I am 100% sure that there is a quote that begins in this way, but for the life of me, I can’t recall exactly how it goes. (and no, I do not feel like googling shit right now!) ImageBut anyhow, by me being a mother of three, I experience things daily that blow my fucking socks off. From my son coming home singing about how he just popped and molly and he sweating, whooo…….  to me being a nosy assed mom and reading his facebook messages with a girl about sucking dick. Yes, SUCKING DICK!!!!!  In these messages, he asked this particular girl if she sucks dick and why does everyone in school say she does. (Mind you, my son is 10 yrs old, in the 5th grade). SUCKING DICK THO?  So, this heffa goes on to say that yes she does do it, however she has only indulged once. AT 10 FUCKING YEARS OLD?!!!!! As you can tell I am still outdone. I have not yet mentioned my finding to my son because I just don’t know what to say? Don’t get me wrong, I do not, by any means want to come off as some naive ass mother, but jeez! At ten years old, you could easily catch me singing, You can’t touch this!!! What happened to the innocence of being a child?  I know that it is impossible to shield your child from every thing you deem unacceptable, but come on, we must do better. What is stuck in my mind is this girl. What in your life made you want to suck some little boys sour ass peen??? Where did you learn this?? I mean did you just put it in your mouth for a minute, or did you suck him ’til he squirted his little 5th grade juices in your mouth??? Do yo’ mama know?? I am plagued with so many questions!!!!!

Ok, wait, back to the messages, because it gets better. Since she has admitted to going around ‘fellay-shing'(see Superbad for pronunciation) people, my son wants to know when he can get his chance at seeing what that mouth do!! Listen. I. ABSOLUTELY. CANNOT. DEAL. My sister was not at all surprised after I told her. I on the other hand, may need therapy after this!! What do I say to my boy? How do I make him understand the severity of sex and it’s outcomes? At 10 years old?

What sparked me to write this blog post is the reality of the future of our world and our beautiful children living in it. I am scared! No, more like terrified. If you are sucking peen at 10, you’ll most definitely be pregnant at 12. Which makes me a grandparent at the ripe ass age of 35. WTF????!!

Image In other words……….Image

Seriously though, just like my Auntie Whitney said, “The children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way.”  At this point we are headed to some type of molly popping, dick sucking orgy!! We have got to do better ladies and gentlemen. Whether we know it or not, our children pay very close attention to the things we say and do. I have always told my fiance to be mindful of the things you say and do when in the presence of our babies. They are so very easily impressionable at this stage in life and they look to us for guidance. I do believe that with proper influence, a child can ignore the fuckery going on in the world today and become a responsible individual capable of making the right decisions in life, but it takes lots of time and commitment to your child. No one said being a parent was a cake walk, but it doesn’t have to be hell either. I believe it to be pretty simple when you practice what you preach. Children are much more perceptive of what’s going on around them, (especially in daily life) than we realize, or are willing to accept. If you running around here acting like a plum,dumb, fool, what else can you expect but to have little dumb plums running behind your ass???!!! I make this plea to every parent and possible parent, (myself included) INVEST MORE TIME IN YOUR KIDS!!! The club will be there, so will that man/woman, your so-called friends, and any other thing you deem as as a necessity to your social life. The sacrifices we make as parents is just small beans compared to raising successful, respectful, and respectable adults. They are your footprints on this earth after you are long gone, what will your childs steps say about you???

What a child doesn’t receive, he can seldom later give. – P.D. James

Your children will see what you’re all about by what you live, rather than what you say. -Unknown

It’s not only children who grow. Parents do too. As much as we watch to see what our children do with their lives, they are watching to see what we do with ours. -Joyce Maynard


Did I mention he made a little peen pic? looked something like this>>>>  8=====D

lmao, but this ain’t funny!!!



ImPress Press-on Manicure

17 Dec

I recently received my College VoxBox from Influenster. Included in the box was the imPress Press-on Manicure kit. I absolutely adored them! I was feeling like I would never be selected to get one,imagine my surprise when I got my email sayin I was chosen!! The manicure kit worked


awesomely. The nails were easy to apply. I read in other reviews that finding fits was a problem. I think its just part of the process. I mean instead of complaining about the fit, I’m glad there was a variety of sizes to choose from! They lasted approximately six days before I decided to take them off. I’m sure I had at least 3-4 more days left. They lasted through dish washing, bathsand showers. (Mine and my daughters!) I would definitely recommend this product to friends as well as strangers! I would suggest using alcohol to thoroughly cleanse the nail bed for better adhesion though. I still have some left over, waiting for a perfect opportunity for a night out!!!